Reinforced and Soundproofed Exhaust System

Plumbing systems allow to reduce the noise pollution produced by the exhaust system.
Noise reduction will be easily achieved thanks to pipes and fittings with soundproofing characteristics, ideal for increasing living comfort. Soundproof the environment and improve the quality of life!
A soundproofed environment allows a qualitatively better lifestyle and guarantees greater comfort and top quality livability criteria, providing the right conditions for environmental well-being.
Solutions for soundproof drains help to improve the quality of living and working environments day after day in compliance with current regulations! To calculate in a preventive way, the real noise level of the exhaust systems inside a Sound Check Tool test room.

Siphons and Wells

Siphons are a way of passively moving water from areas of higher hydraulic head to areas of lower hydraulic head, through a pipe. Siphons can be used to lower the watertable under a seepage site, and therefore limit saline discharge. Groundwater levels beneath saline seeps will be significantly lowered if the flow from the siphon (or multiple siphons) is greater than the flow of groundwater to the site.


The purpose of the siphon is to drain liquid from the reservoir by liquid flow that passes over a higher level than the liquid surface in the reservoir.


Siphon principle. In the flying-droplet siphon, surface tension pulls the stream of liquid into separate droplets inside of a sealed air-filled chamber, preventing the liquid going down from having contact with the liquid going up, and thereby preventing liquid tensile strength from pulling the liquid up.


Basically, a well is a hole drilled into the ground to access water contained in an aquifer. … Wells come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the type of material the well is drilled into and how much water is being pumped out.