Sewage Pipe System

  • Piping systems for non-pressure sewer systems, with smooth or corrugated walls, complete with fittings and accessories resistant to corrosion and a safe and guaranteed seal.
  • Easy Maintenance, the cleaning operations of the system are quick and simple. In addition, the frequency of maintenance activities is lower than in other systems. The light color also facilitates camera inspection
  • We invite you to contact design service, which will help you discover the possible coupling between the easy coupling system and the wide range, and which will be able to meet the needs of any type of project.
  • Optimal Hydraulic Flow, Thanks to the material used for the production of pipes, the internal surfaces are extremely smooth and almost free of pores, characteristics given by the plastic materials that prevent the formation of deposits and encrustations. The
    result is an optimal hydraulic flow, in addition to the constant self-cleaning action.
  • Pose, the high temperature resistance and the use of PP-MD, the KG 2000 system is particularly robust and can be installed even at low temperatures. The gasket, with its triple protection, reduces the engagement effort and ensures a perfect seal.